Zelig is a project platform and a company owned by Simon Løvind.


Zelig / Simon Løvind
Nørre Farimagsgade 23
1364 Copenhagen K

About Simon Løvind
Interaction designer Simon Løvind works with collaborative projects in the intersection between art, media and technology and specializes in interactive installations.

Working as interaction designer focusing on concept development for various interactive media and on production of physical interfaces for computer systems. Since 2009 he has also been comissioning editor at The Danish Film Institute responsible for the support scheme for games on digital platforms. In 2004-2007 he held a position as 'designer in residence' at the research department at Danmarks Designskole with focus on ”Space as Interface”. Previously he has also worked as a systems developer, production manager, director, teacher and researcher in various interactive media. He has taught numerous workshops on interactive media in Denmark, France, Germany and Sweden.

Spilordningen, The Danish Film Institute

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