Memory Bag
A design prototyping project with Diffus Design og Alexandra Instituttet
A conceptual design prototype of a dress reacting on sunlight
Worked on interaction design, microcontrollers and electronics

Too few of the projects I work on are worn by models and has the attention of a Princess, but this one did. The dress itself reacts to sunlight by opening and closing the appertures according to the light intensisty. The design was made for an exhibition about climate and health to raise awareness of the potentiel dangers of UV-radiation to the skin.

The technical design is based on an Arduino pro micrcontroller, a light sensor, 4 linear servos, 11 custom made appertures that are controlled through an intricate system of strings in tubes sewn into the dress.

Project team:
Hanne-Louise Johannesen & Michel Guglielm
Mette Lindberg
Martina Uhlig
Simon Løvind
Rikke Koch

News stories:
Alexandra Institute
Exhibiton website

Sketches of Dress & test apperture